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Staffing Process

MAT helps forge new relationships as a partner for your IT Staffing Solutions needs. MAT has been at the forefront of the IT staffing servicing in India since 2005. Over the years, we have evolved into one of the best sources for IT professionals in the industry.

Built on a strong foundation of experience, process, superior staffing and technology, MAT can offer world class support in consulting. In addition, we have developed a custom suite of software tools that enable us to deliver on productivity and customer satisfaction better than our competitors.

Profiles gathering

One of our main sources of references is through our training division. All candidates placed through MAT are registered in www.MATMINDS.com

We also conduct interviews all over India, to judge a candidate’s attitude through personal interview, aptitude tests. We also conduct technical tests and process the reference information. All our candidates are pre-screened from time to time.

We maintain a very good network with our candidates and encourage them to recommend their acquaintances and friends – who again go through the screening process to establish their credentials.

We have well qualified dedicated team working on building good database for our client requirements. This team work on referrals of our previously placed employee, personal references, work groups, internet, portal database, Head hunting.

Profile Matching

Every client is given due importance and time is taken to understand their client’s requirements. We go beyond the Job Descriptions and delve into the client’s business needs and go that one step ahead to please them. We understand their mission, vision, culture and passionate business sense.

We have a strong process oriented approach that has been developed over the years to ensure a high hit ratio.

We also assist our client’s HR in arriving at the right job descriptions, technical expertise and also recommendations on the pay package.


Our interaction does not stop at recommending profiles. We ensure that the candidate is updated on the company, its profile, the job description, what is expected out of a person.

We also co-ordinate interview dates and venue, offer letters, negotiations and counseling.


Resource optimization is the key to cost efficiency today. We provide staffing Solutions that enable you to derive the benefits from peoples’ expertise without the associated statutory costs of employment. In the modern competitive environment, business needs have become flexible and prone to change.

Business areas and processes are dependent on client requirements, with no guarantee of continuity. In this situation, recruitment of specialized professionals may lead to redundancy as a process may cease without sufficient notice. Our staffing solutions address this problem as the company obtains the freedom to acquire and divest itself of human expertise quickly, in response to business needs. Staffing solves the problem of non-performance as a person who is unable to meet performance parameters can be replaced immediately. Staffing also addresses the major problem of employee retention as attrition becomes our responsibility.


We also provide regular assessment of the recruitment process and develop contemporary process relevant to the ever-changing business scenario. We help you in optimizing the hiring process.