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About Mat-soft

Set up with a vision to fill gaps between the academic education and the current IT industry requirements, MAT software solutions have carved a niche for themselves in IT training, staffing and software development in India.

With a core believe that every individual has his own strengths and weaknesses, we were able to create a comfortable bridge for raw young talent to level up their understanding aided by our hand-made curriculums and unique learning methodologies. This approach of ours has reaped rich dividends for us both in terms learning outcomes and progress in placements. This bout of confidence in our early stages has a lot to do with our progress in perfecting our training methodologies.

Working with some of the best trainers in the business has given us the opportunity to up the ante with our corporate training programs. Our Training-need Identification System, Customized Courses, Need-based Skill Development Methodologies have given us a continued success in our ‘Corporate Training Programs’ too. Even after working thousands of young students and associating with some of the best brands for our corporate training, we continuously aim to improve our training programs with the development of a custom suite of a software tool to improve our productivity and customer satisfaction.

Given our progressive journey in this training field, if there is one insight we would like to share with you, it would be this:

“Every individual can come out with flying colors given there is supporting hand to enhance their skill”


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